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Article: What makeup beautifies your light eyes?

Quel maquillage embellit vos yeux clairs ?

What makeup beautifies your light eyes?

Whether blue, green or a mix of the two, these special shades are sure to make people envious! From nude makeup to the smoky eye effect, light eyes can be illuminated in different ways.
Find all our tips for bringing out this incredible color!

Colors to adopt

Among the many shades offered by Womake, be creative and have fun with colors! Light eyes are highlighted with purple, eggplant, brown or even yellow shades. These colors will brighten your eyes without weighing them down. At Womake, opt for the Aubergine, Violet Etoilé, Khaki or Choco Etoilé references to highlight the color of your eyes.

Colors to avoid

The advantage with light eyes is that when properly matched, all shades can be used! We only recommend against blue or green eye shadow, which would weigh down and dull your eyes.


Generally blue, dark circles are all the more visible in people with light eyes because they are a reminder of color. It is therefore essential to hide your dark circles if you want to avoid having tired eyes.

Techniques to use

Light eyes can be highlighted in different ways, it's up to you to find yours! Don't hesitate to play with the different textures that the pencil offers: With a well-cut lead, your pencil will draw a fine and precise line, perfect for a discreet eyeliner line! For a very creamy texture, work the pencil on the back of your hand to obtain a thick line that you will need to blend quickly with a blurring brush.

Eyeliner for an intense look

Eye liner is a simple technique that can be used in different ways to highlight your eyes. A line along the upper lash line will bring intensity to your eyes. To do this, use the Magic Noir Pencil or the Magic Noir Star Pencil to add glamor. Then, touch your lower lash line with a color proposed by Womake: Royal Blue to captivate, Starry Violet to captivate or even Khaki to illuminate!

The smoky one for an intense look

In the top 3 of smoky eyes, we find the duo Violet Etoilé & Aubergine. These two shades will be perfect for evening makeup. Don't hesitate to highlight your upper lashline with the Magic Noir pencil to add depth to your eyes!

Dark smoke will add intensity to your look. A dark shade like chocolate will give you doe eyes and a piercing gaze at all times. The more blended the smoke, the more contrast you will create with the color of your eyes.

Third option, the sparkling bronze smoky eyes. Perfect for brightening the eyes, the Magic Kaki and Magic Noir Etoilé shades will give your eyes a boost of radiance. A perfect smoke for day and night.

Finally, the gradient of gray and silver will be the favorite smoky color for blue eyes with gray reflections. These shades blend perfectly to accentuate your eyes while remaining natural and soft.

Don’t hesitate to ask all your questions by message and share your looks with us!

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