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Article: Wearing a mask: enhance your look!

Port du masque : sublimez votre regard !

Wearing a mask: enhance your look!

The mask is now present in our daily lives and disrupts our entire beauty routine. The solution: highlight your eyes! Find our beauty tips:

Structure your look

Structuring the eyebrows with a pencil is a key step, it will frame your eyes and harmonize your face. Remember to sharpen your pencil in order to have a fine and precise lead.

Remember that it is crucial to match your pencil to the shade of your eyebrows:

  • If they are light, opt for the Magic nude pencil instead.
  • If you have dark skin and brown eyebrows, the magic Kaki pencil is the shade for you!
  • If you have black skin, the Magic Chocolat pencil will enhance your eyebrows.

To fill in the gaps, touch the eyebrows with the pencil using small strokes. To thicken the shape, emphasize the contours and fill in the interior using small strokes in the direction of the regrowth. Don't forget to brush your eyebrows for a natural look.

brighten your eyes

The use of iridescent colors will bring light and a boost of radiance to your eyes. Opt for “eye strobing”. This technique allows you to obtain an illuminated and sparkling look by applying an iridescent color to the inner corner of the eye. The silver Magic pencil blends perfectly with all the shades of your makeup.

For more light, line the lower lash line with an iridescent pencil and blur with a brush for a natural effect. Opt for bright colors so as not to dull your eyes, such as starry purple or iridescent blue shades.

Intensify your look

- Eyeliner is an essential step! Whether it is thin or thick, you can vary its outline depending on the occasion. If you have rather light makeup, opt for a fine line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, following the edge of the upper lash. As for color, bet on the trusty Crayon Magic Noir!

- On the other hand, if you have rather heavy makeup, mark your line from the center of your mobile eyelid to the outer corner of the eye with a thicker line

Choose the line in dark, rather matte colors like chocolate or eggplant if you want daytime makeup.

Match your makeup to the color of your mask

An essential accessory, the mask can now be the “fashion” touch to your makeup!

If you opt for a black mask, don't hesitate to add color to your eyes. Iridescent blue, turquoise, green... Magic by Womake pencils offer you a wide choice of shades to suit your looks! Don't forget to also apply the pencils under the eyes, because this will make your eyes look bigger!

On the other hand, if you wear a colored or patterned mask, nothing stops you from matching it to your makeup. The creamy texture of the pencils allows you to easily blend colors together. Let your creativity run wild!

Don't forget to set your makeup with a setting and/or mattifying powder if you have combination or oily skin for a fresh complexion all day long!

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