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Article: Lip liner: the different ways to use it

Crayon à lèvres : les différentes façons de s'en servir

Lip liner: the different ways to use it

In its “Lips” range, Womake offers 5 shades that outline and coat the lips for faithful makeup for all occasions. But did you know that lip liners can have other uses?

The Red Pencil

The Red Pencil undoubtedly has a dual purpose, it enhances your lips and reveals your cheekbones! To use as a blush, work the pencil on the back of your hand to make it creamy and easy to work with. Place a few dots of pencil on your cheekbones and quickly blend them with a blending brush.

Don't be too heavy-handed, you risk giving the effect of redness rather than a healthy glow!

The nude pencil

The advantage with nude color is that it goes everywhere! Deposited inside the mucous membrane, it brightens and enlarges the eyes. You can also use it on parts of the face to create points of light. Don't forget to blend it quickly so that it blends in best with your skin tone. As an eyelid base, the Nude Pencil can be used as an “eye-primer”. It will smooth your mobile eyelid by hiding small fine lines and can intensify your makeup by creating contrast. You will have understood, it is THE pencil to have in your daily pencil case!

The plum pencil

The creamy texture of Womake pencils allows easy use on both eyes and lips. This allows good application to all areas of the face. The advantage with plum color is that it goes on both light and dark eyes! As eyeliner or smoky eyes, plum adapts to day and night makeup.

Caramel pencils

Freckles have clearly been coming back into fashion for several years. A fan of “makeup no makeup”, many makeup artists have decided to play the natural card by working on these little tasks that many of you dream of so much! Please note that with Womake, this is now possible on one condition: that the tip of the pencil is perfectly sharpened in order to draw very fine spots. For this, nothing better than the Caramel and Chocolate shades: Mark very fine points on your cheekbones and the top of your nose and blend them with a beauty blender type sponge. For a very natural look, use the two shades evenly over the entire chosen area!

The pink pencil

Notice matte shades, pink eye strobing will bring out the intensity of your eyes! Placed in the inner corner of the eye, Le Crayon Rose can be used to make your iris sparkle! For a quick and easy application, opt for a thick, creamy look without forgetting to blend it in by tapping with your finger.

So, are you ready to take the plunge?
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